Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Feature

Today I want to share some of the new items from the etsywmi team (Etsy West Michigan team)

Recycled Handmade Journal - Golden Keys to the Joys of Music


heather and moss - hand embroidered thread ball - japanese temari
julie and co.


Espresso Cup
Bella Joy Pottery


Aqua and Blue Zircon Multistrand Necklace with Sunflower Pendant
Abacus Bead Creations

You can view more creations from any of these artisans by visiting their Etsy shops

Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Featured Artisan - Breath of the Dragon

Today's featured artisan is Breath of the Dragon - unique and custom wood burning by Sunfire
Sunfire is one of my Pagans of Etsy teammates. She is also having a 50% off moving sale in both of her shops

What do you make?
- Pyrography means "writing with fire", but what I do is more like "drawing with heat", creating art on wood rather than canvas. I love the fact that there are so many things that can be made with wood. In my shop, I have a variety of things, from key chains and cell charms with small wooden disks that I've burned on, to boxes and altar tiles that serve a purpose, to magnets and larger wall art that are simply decorative. Every day, it seems, I have another idea of something that I could burn, create and sell.

What drew you to your craft and why did you start selling your items?
- Being around my mom and other crafters that were selling their art really got me started. I wanted to find something that I enjoyed making that could be profitable as well. After trying other crafts, from painting and sewing to candle-making, I finally came across wood burning. Back in 2006, a friend bought me a pen and a piece of wood from the craft store, and I was hooked. By late 2007, I was having a great time with it, and had lots of positive feedback on the things I had made. It was that energy that told me I was ready to give it a go as a money-making adventure, so I set up shop on Etsy.

What is your favorite part of creating your items?
- The smell of the burning wood, for sure! It gets in my hair, and for days I feel like I was at a campfire... :) Cheesy, I know, but so true. Besides that, I love creating custom pieces, because I know that someone is willing to pay me for my work. I love creating something, knowing that it is exactly what they want. The variety of projects is probably my absolute favorite part, though. It's great to know I can spend 1/2 hr on one piece, and 4 hours on another, and both are wonderful.

Is your craft a full time endeavor or a hobby?
- I'm hoping to make it full time ASAP, but until then, I work overnight throwing freight at a local grocery store. It's tough balancing both, as well as school and trying to have family time, but I know if I can make it through this, I will have what I want in the end - making enough money doing what I love that I can quit working for someone else and still have the lifestyle I want. It's this image of the end goal that keeps me moving forward, that makes the sacrifices worth it.

When you aren't working on your craft what do you enjoy doing?
- Watching movies or playing games with my boyfriend on the chilly winter evenings. Since I'm going to school for Web Development, it would be silly if I didn't enjoy working on websites... I love the idea of making simple sites for small-biz folks like myself (I created and currently maintain 2 others besides my own). I also love to get out in nature when its warmer, so we do a lot of biking, hiking and exploring the rest of the year.

Is there anything else about your craft or yourself you would like to share?
- While pyrography is my number one crafting adventure, I've also taken on a mission to spread the message of a Pro-Peace symbol. My mom and I started an Etsy shop to sell hand-crafted Turn Peace Around items ( This second shop gives me a chance to explore other crafting methods between wood burning projects. Or, as in recent weeks, to combine the two.

This is a small selection of the items that Sunfire makes, you can see more in both shops:
Breath of the Dragon & Turn Peace Around
Both stores are running a 50% off moving sale! Now is the time to get some great deals on Sunfires handmade works!

Items in this post:
1. Dream Cherish Live plaque
2. original yin yang
3. Smiley Clean/Dirty Magnet
4. Hemp Choker w/ Pyrographed Charm

Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Feature

Today has been a very busy work day so I have not had the time to put together my usual Featured Artist post. However I would like to share some of the latest creations from the Etsy West Michigan Team....

Vegan Olive Oil Soap- Simply Unscented

Asian Inspired Floral Toddler Kid Bib

Garnet Red Valentine Heart Cubic Zirconia Drop Wire-Wrapped Earrings