Friday, March 13, 2009

Newest additions to the growing list...

Yesterday was a very productive day. I finished off and sent out 3 Ogham pendants, 2 which are entirely new for my line, and the chain mail necktie I mentioned earlier.

Gaol Buan (Unfailing Love)
This started as a custom piece. She liked both the "permanent" and "love" pendant but were looking for something to mean unconditional love. Since the word for unconditional in Gaelic is too long for a pendant she stayed with permanent (Buan) for its many meanings.
This one gave me a bit of a headache in the translating and figuring out which word should be written first. Though Gaelic is used in both Ireland and Scotland there are differences in the meanings of words. For example Goal in Scottish Gaelic translates as love, fondness, a beloved object; in Irish Gaelic Goal translates as relation, relative. In Scottish Gaelic Buan means lasting, durable, long and in Irish Gaelic Buan means lasting, permanent, (effort) sustained, unfailing. With all of those meanings I was able to create a pendant that was perfect for what she wanted and a great new design for my line! This one was cut in Sterling Silver

Coisricthe (Holy)
Also a custom piece this one has a much shorter story but is beautiful none the less. It is Irish Gaelic and simply means Holy. It was cut in copper.

Firinn (Truth)
This was already in my stock of words but is one of my favorites because of a little philosophical quirk. In the original Ogham alphabet there is no letter F so the F had to be phonetically approximated with the letter V. It is a pendant, that to me, demonstrates the slippery nature of truth when filtered through our perseption.

I do not have the Ogham necklaces on my website yet but as I finish pieces I have been listing them for sale at

Gold Chain Mail Necktie
This is the aforementioned gold necktie I was working on. The picture is a bit washed out on my screen as true colors are so hard to capture and adjust but it gives a good idea of the gorgeous color. The rings are actually a bit darker and although they are anodized gold there is a silver sheen to them in certain light from the aluminum shining through the anodizing. I will definitely be ordering more links in this color!


  1. Absolutely WONDERFUL. And thank you so much for sharing the meanings of the words as well.