Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Sarah has created a great look with these recycled beverage tabs.

The 'scales' for these purses came from the quasi evil yet environmentally conscientious Soda Dragon. In a daring venture Sarah has struck a bargain with this horrid inflictor of calories and sugar. Risking life and limb she entered its cooler offering a way for it to recycle its ever mounting sheded scales. In gratitude the Soda Dragon has agreed to lessen its infliction of calories and sugars upon the fine people of the land.

Well that is my take on it anyway ;)

Here is the "real" story from Sara's Shop...

"My pop tab purses and accessories are made from 100% post-consumer aluminum beverage can tabs that have been thoroughly washed prior to assembly. I use other recycled materials when possible but new materials when necessary to ensure quality and durability."

"My smallest size purse (excluding the coin purse) is composed of over 400 post-consumer recycled aluminum beverage can pull tabs, which are purchased from a local recycling facility. Various charities, such as the Ronald McDonald house, collect the tabs and sell them to the facility as a fundraiser."

"After being double-washed in antibacterial soap and sorted for uniformity, the tabs are bound together to form a chainmail-type mesh, and a purse is born. I have five standard styles, but often make one-of-a-kind purses that are designed as I go along."


  1. Lovely article. . . you should send it on as a press release!!

  2. What a neat idea! Looks like it takes FOREVER!

  3. The ingenuity of creative people never ceases to amaze me... these are brilliant... but yes..I bet they do take forever!

  4. Thanks, everyone! The actual assembly of the purse doesn't take as long as you might imagine. By now (after lots of practice) I can whip up a coin purse in about an hour. But then you need to factor in the other steps: Cleaning and sorting the tabs, making the liner, hand-sewing in the liner. It's hard to say how long for the whole process.

    Figuring out the technique and design of the purses, that took a bit longer.

  5. Thank you all for commenting.

    And thank you, Sarah, for stopping by and answering the question about the time it takes :)