Monday, April 20, 2009

I think we've been adopted

Last Saturday my husband and I went out back to work a bit in what will be our garden. Our next door neighbor informed us that a baby squirrel had fallen out of the tree in our front yard not long before we came out. At that point the little squirrel was in her yard so we got some peanut butter and bread. It wasn't long before the squirrel began to much. We left the squirrel alone and began to work on raking out the garden aria. A while later my husband noticed that the baby squirrel had come into our back yard and was sitting on our stump. He sat down indian style a little way away from the stump and the little squirrel ran over and climbed over his legs and just made itself comfortable. The squirrel didn't seem to want to leave so we sat for a while then my husband carefully moved his legs so he could stand up without startling or hurting the baby squirrel. He tried putting the squirrel back on the tree it had fallen from but as we walked away the squirrel followed.
For the rest of the afternoon the squirrel followed my husband around the yard making noises the whole time and trying to climb up his leg every time he stopped.

At one point I was sitting on the back steps and the squirrel came up for some more peanut butter, ate a little bit and then climbed onto my lap for a while. After giving him some water my husband put his gloves on and put the squirrel back on the tree it fell from and we quickly went back to the back yard. Yesterday our neighbor, who often has food out for the birds and squirrels, said it came out of our tree and headed over there for a bite to eat.

Since we don't know if the mother is still around and its sibling who fell with it didn't survive, we will be keeping an eye out for this cute little guy throughout the spring and summer and it's sibling will have a good resting place in our garden.


  1. Oh, I'm terribly partial to baby squirrels - what a cute one!

  2. How ADORABLE! I think you two will make a good Mama and Daddy squirrel for that little one.