Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Featured Artisan

Today's featured artisan is Moonlit Herbals
Moonlit Herbals is one of my teammates from the Pagans of Etsy Team

Here is a bit of info about Moonlit Herbals from their Etsy shop:
"Moonlit Herbals is a small, family owned business located in the beautiful and diverse city of Olympia, Washington. We started making our organic bath and body products for family and friends as a way to break free from the harsh chemical products that we had all become accustomed to using. We had received such great reviews that we decided to offer our products to anyone seeking a more natural way to treat their mind, body and soul.

Moonlit Herbals was created out of our love for nature and the wonderful gifts it has to offer all of us.

We take great pride in doing business in an ethical and ecological way toward preserving and protecting the earth, of which we are all a part of and believe that this energy flows through all that we do.

We make all of your products in small batches with love and integrity from the finest natural ingredients ensuring the quality and freshness you deserve. Our products are made with certified organic and ethically wild-harvested herbs that are grown without pesticides and herbicides. We support small businesses so our herbs are purchased from wonderful, local farms and natural stores that take as much pride in their product as we do.

Our products range from bath and body to ritual items and hand-crafted gifts and candles. In this day and age it is impossible to separate ourselves from all the toxins and pollution that we are forced to live with on a daily basis; so our products is our way of getting back in touch with nature, the way it should be."

This is a very small sample of what is offered by Moonlit Herbals. Please visit their shop to see the other wonderful items I could not fit in this post!

Items in this post:
1: Prosperity Gemstone Perfume Oil Wear
2: Yule/Winter Solstice Icicle Charm Filled with herbs, crystals, and resin
3: Lunar Goddess Magickal Herbal Sachet

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