Friday, January 15, 2010

Síorghrá Custom Ogham Necklaces

These are the first Ogham pendants I have made with gemstones. They were made for a custom request of Ogham necklaces with birthstones.

Both pieces were hand pierced with the Irish Gaelic word "síorghrá" which means eternal love. Piercing is a process where a small saw blade is used to cut a design through the metal. Both of these pendants were made from 18 gauge (.04" thick) sterling silver and measure about 1.692" x 0.525". One has a 5mm AAA grade amethyst (February) cabochon on the bottom and the other has a 5mm garnet (January). Both stones were set using sterling silver handmade bezels.

The bezels for these pendants were made by forming sheet bezel (thin sterling sheet) into rings that fit around the stone. Once the bezel was formed into rings they were sanded to the proper height and soldered onto the Ogham pendants. After cleaning the fire scale from the soldering process off the pieces the stones were set by placing them in the bezels and pushing the metal down around the cabochon stone to hold it in place.

Both pendants were finished off with a soldered jump ring and an 18" sterling boston link chain.


  1. Hi my name is Sean and I love the look of your pendants and the meaning behind them. I was wondering if there is a way to purchase the same pendant (January)and if so how i do it. It would be very much appreciated. It is a present for my son. Thanks

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