Monday, January 26, 2009

A Glimpse Into My World

Since I enjoy seeing how things are made and where they come from I figured today I'd give you a glimpse into my world. I don't have a traditional studio yet, we are still working on getting the basement cleaned out so I can set up shop down there, so for now I work in different parts of the house. My cutting is all done in our book room.

My cutting bench with a few of the pieces I am working on. Ok so the cutting bench is really a bed side table I have had for years but after moving in with my hubby there really wasn't any other use for it. Yes that is the hand saw that I use for cutting all of my pieces with its tiny blade. Today I cut some of the Ogham pendants seen in that photo. The Ogham pendants I am working on are Peace, Permanent, and Truth.

Once I have the designs cut I remove the paper and put it on the side of a shelving unit in the living room. I like having my previous designs where I can see them and it confuses people when they come to visit ;)

The three Ogham pendants after they were cut, given the brushed texture for the back, and the paper design was removed. I have yet to file the edges, sand the pieces, and polish them.


  1. Hi Ash

    I came by to visit.

    Glad I did.

    Your creations are fantastic.


  2. An absolute perfect blog entry :-) As well I a know you it was still WONDERFUL to see into your world. Thank you, WitchMom

  3. Thank you Bill and WitchMom. I will be attempting to update this blog more often with new creations and other glimpses into my world.