Thursday, January 29, 2009

Newest Listings

These two rings are the newest additions to my shop.

Hammered Ring With A Twist
Not the typical hammered ring, this sterling silver ring started as 2 wires twisted together. After forming the band an hammering it opens the twist to create a beautiful flowing pattern.

This ring was hand braided from 18 gauge sterling silver wire. Yes, the braiding for this style of ring does give me hand cramps after a while ;) It is a great style for men or women.

I have found the hardest part of what I do is the photographing and writing descriptions. I end up taking anywhere from 20-80 photos of each piece and then have the arduous task of narrowing that down to just 5. Sometimes I like more than 5 and it is hard to choose, other times I end up with only 2 or 3 that look good and I have to re-shoot them. Then there is the writing of descriptions... some days the Muses are with me and other days I just blank on what to say. But I like to think with each listing I learn a bit and that will improve future my future listings.


  1. Your artistry speaks for itself.

    These are beautiful.

    I have never faced the kind of marketing challenges that you and Mom have to deal with.

    What you both are creating helps me navigate rough seas.



  2. Thank you, Bill.

    Marketing can be awfully tough. But with the movement of social marketing I have found it is becoming much more fun since I get to meet interesting people like you and see different points of view.

    I am glad the I have helped you navigate rough seas. And knowing WitchMom as I do I know she is glad to help too. We both like helping people and consider it time well spent.