Friday, February 20, 2009

I just created my first treasury!

Treasuries are a way for members to showcase handmade items from other shop owners. It is a way to show off things that are liked, share a common theme, promote others, or in this case share things that caught my eye.
If you have a moment please visit this Etsy treasury of items that caught my eye and leave a comment if you like as you stop by.


  1. I like the idea of creating a world wide community of like minded people. Learning, sharing, caring, growing, helping.



  2. Bill,

    I like that idea too which is why I like Etsy so much. Just about every one I have talked to in the chat rooms or on the forum are very nice and helpful. I have learned a lot about not only Etsy itself but also how to make different things and different techniques from other Etsy members. I also enjoy sharing what I know in the supportive environment created by the members.


  3. This makes me wish I had a 'product' to sell, lol. I did look at Etsy (again) and I really like what I see - just don't have anything hand made to sell (hmmmm - I wonder if REAL herbal soap would count?).

  4. Sandy,

    Yes REAL herbal soap would count. Etsy does not have a majorly strict definition of handmade.

    This is straight from their Selling Policies FAQ:
    "You can sell anything that you've made by hand or, a bit more loosely put, hand-assembled or hand-altered (as long as it complies with our Terms of Use). If your human hands put some love into the object, odds are, you can sell it on Etsy."

    So in short soap would be well within that definition of handmade.