Thursday, February 19, 2009


One can't always be serious when creating!
NephraKitty of the Gao'uld

Ok perhaps I watch too much Star Gate. Since I was listing a Chain Mail Necktie today I remembered this picture that I intended to share but never did so here it is.

While I was working on a turquoise necktie Angelique just wouldn't stop playing with the links. She would knock them off my lap or tentatively bite on the linked chains as I worked. So she got to wear a bit of it for a while. She already takes Egyptian poses so it just added to her look. My hubby was able to snap the photo before she got too annoyed at having it on her head.

Perhaps I should make her a collar... Probably won't though because she would hate it!


  1. OOOOHHHH! Star Gate!!! It is definitely time for a HUGE bowl of popcorn and an all-nighter with Star Gate!

  2. Actually, kitty already looks a bit displeased. She is a beauty.

  3. WitchMom, you are so right an all-nighter with Star Gate does sound like a great idea!

    Bill, yes she was a bit displeased but one can hardly take over the galaxy if one looks content ;) She is my familiar so puts up with my occasional seeing how she would look in my work without too much more than a displeased look and shrugging it off... Or she just plays with it!