Monday, February 9, 2009


Last year my husband got me this really cool dragon ash tray that has become part of my jewelry making process.

I set him on top of the shelf behind my chair in the living room and one day I was looking for a place to set some pendants that I had cut but not filed yet. The trey in front of the dragon became the perfect place! The pieces were not likely to get knocked off and it was a place the cats wouldn't go. Our cats like to play with my pieces, they think rings and findings make great toys not to mention the cords and chains I work with.

After using the dragons tray for a few weeks I realized my folly... Dragons like to keep the pretty shinnies for themselves! So I made a deal with the dragon... I would give him some pieces to keep so long as he let the others find homes of their own. It was fine at first but now I think he is getting spoiled. It started with a hematite ring crown then a blue paua shell necklace. But now he wants a bracelet and wing cuffs! Perhaps I should have phrased our deal more carefully ;)


  1. Having lived, for so many years, with a dragon in the basement (I’m sure you remember the old furnace - bigger than both of us put together) I TOTALLY understand. LMAO! You SHOULD have been MUCH more specific. It’s like the blue jeans I made for a Ganesh statue I once had (so I’d have a Ganesh - byGosh), after that he started demanding all kinds of adornments. Put your foot down now or the next thing your dragon will be demanding will be a palace (p.s.: don’t let him see this - don’t give him ideas, lol).


  2. LOL yes I remember the dragon in basement, and the Ganesh - byGosh!

    Well I have already told him he would get a bracelet... just didn't say when. At least so far he has been reasonable, it has been several months between requests and he does add good energy.

    Don't worry, his back is turned to the screen so he won't be getting ideas from you ;)